The Workshops

  • The Stone Yard

    The stone carvers are the nucleus of Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshop. Like the rest of our craftspeople, their goal is to maintain and further develop their traditional working methods. For them, this means that the carving of each stone has to be carried out using the same kind of tools used by their predecessors since the 12th century.

  • The Mason Workshop

    During our different restoration projects, the main task of our masons is to possition the newly carved stones in their rightful place. It is essential that our masons have a very good understanding of both the production and the usage of lime-based mortars. Mortars they use today for their traditional masonry work. This was the standard procedure before the cement mortar came on the market in the 19th century.

  • The Smithy

    The manufacture of all our metalwork takes place in the smithy. This usually consists of fashioning tools for the other craftsmen. In addition, a large part of the smiths’ work is to create different helpful objects for our restoration projects - production, restoration and preservation of hinges are important tasks for our smiths.

  • The Plaster Workshop

    The plasterers take casts of the Cathedral’s sculpture and ornament, which the carvers use to recreate the building’s historic decoration. At the same time, these casts helps us to make a record of all the different sculptures. This has been especially important since 1983, when parts of the Archbishop Palace burned down and our original plaster collection was destroyed.

  • The Stained glass Workshop

    The glass conservators undertake all work associated with the care and protection of Nidaros Cathedral’s stained glass windows, which were mainly made from 1908 to 1935 by Gabriel Kielland. These were inserted into the window spaces in such a way that with the daily temperature fluctuations throughout the year, massive “bumps” in the glass were formed. Thus, a large part of the glaziers' work is to replace the original lead with one more suitable to the Norwegian climate.

  • The Carpentry Workshop

    Our carpenters preform diverse tasks at Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace. The restoration and maintenance of our facility’s building structures are a large part of their work. In addition, they are responsible for everything from the construction of special scaffolds to the production and the repair of the interior wooden design.