European Stone Festival 2019

Welcome to European Stone Festival in Trondheim 21st - 23rd of June 2019!

The stonemasons at NDR have been working continuously for the last 150 years rebuilding and restoring the world's northernmost gothic cathedral. This must be celebrated! We therefor wish to invite you to take part in our stone carving festival in Trondheim in June 2019. The festival shall be held in the court of the Archbishop's Palace in close proximity to Nidaros Cathedral - the unique soapstone Cathedral.

Here you will have the opportunity to carve in soapstone - a stone type that is rarely used as building material. You will also be able to experience the long summer nights and the spectacular light conditions that are found up here in the north.

NDR is very pleased to have arranged a plan for the establishment of the town square in Trondheim in partnership with the municipal council. Many of the sculptures made during the stone festival will get a place in the new installations that will be established in the square, thereby making these sculptures a part of Trondheim City Centre for years to come.

The Restoration Workshop of Nidaros Cathedral
The Restoration Workshop of Nidaros Cathedral (NDR) has been in charge of restoring and maintaining Nidaros Cathedral since 1869.

The stonemasons
There are currently around 30 people working within research and maintenance of Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace, ten of whom are stonemasons. In addition there are three talented trainees presently undergoing their apprenticeship.

The stonemasons at NDR are currently working on the final stages of the restoration of The King's Entrance - the largest restoration project at the Cathedral for more than a hundred years. The Kong's Entrance is a roofed portico on the southern facade of the choir. The entrance has perhaps the finest decorations of the whole cathedral, making this project not only extremely challenging, but also of great professional interest.

The Restoration Workshop today
In recent times the Restoration Workshop of Nidaros Cathedral has been appointed by the Norwegian government to be a national centre for concervation and restoration of historically significant stone buildings. (This means that the restoration department not only has the responsibility for the restoration and preservation of Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace, but also accepts external contracts throughout Norway.

To practice and develop craft traditions is an important part of the work at the restoration workshop, in addition to the recreation and use of traditional materials.)