Tips for a Successful Visit

Here are some tips to make your visit to Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace as great as possible:

  1. Buy a joint ticket and get accesses to bothNidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace.
  2. Join a guided tour (it is included in the ticket)
  3. Buy a guidebook
  4. Join in on a special guided tour in the Cathedral’s secret passages and chapels (September to May).
  5. Walk the 172 steps up to the main tower of the Cathedral and enjoy the beautyful view (June to August).
  6. Enjoy Norwegian cuisine at Café To Tårn
  7. Participate in the Midday Prayer (Monday to Friday 12.15pm)
  8. Listen to beautiful music at the Organ Meditation (Saturdays 1.30pm.

Do not miss the highlights in Nidaros Cathedral or in the Archbishop’s Palace Museum:

  • Gabriel Kielland’s stained glass windows
  • The organs
  • The west facade with its’ 75 statues
  • The octagon
  • St. Olav’s well
  • The original statues in the Archbishop’s Palace Museum
  • The Norwegian crown jewels in the Crown Regalia.