Guidelines for Photography and Video Recording

Nidaros Cathedral is an active parish church and a protected cultural heritage monument. We ask you to be mindful of the Cathedral visitors and to show consideration for the cultural monument when photographing and video recording. The Archbishop’s Palace is the oldest non-religious building in the Nordic countries as well as a protected cultural monument.

Requesting photography or video recording in/by Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace:

In regard to photographs or footage intended for publishing or commercial use, permission must be obtained by Nidaros Cathedral Restoration Workshop (NDR) ahead of time. When publishing it must be disclosed where the filming/photographing took place. Invoice for agreed costs will be sent after filming is concluded. Unforeseen expenses may be refunded.

Price for renting of locals/arena:

  • Nidaros Cathedral: NOK 5 000, - per hour
  • The Archbishop’s Palace: NOK 3 000, - per hour
  • Outdoors: NOK 2 000, - per hourPrice for assistance in rigging/filming: from NOK 513, - per hour
  • Administration costs: NOK 500, -


  • Rigging plans and installations must be approved by NDR (sketch/outline may be requested). Potential moving of furniture and objects must also get approved in advance.
  • NDR will consider if they are to be involved in the rigging process. Costs for participation in rigging will then be included in the invoice.
  • Staff provided by the tenant must be present to make sure that guidelines are followed and upheld. If necessary, it is required that personnel from NDR are present.
  • In the case of eventual changes in plans for rigging and temporary installations, approval must be obtained by NDR.
  • When loading and unloading equipment the floor must be adequately covered and protected. This is especially important when using pallet jacks or transport cases with wheels which may cause damage. Doorsills and corners must also be protected when necessary.
  • Rigging areas are covered to avoid scratches/damage to the flooring.
  • Work in the heights: fall protection is required when working at heights where protection measures are not established. Personnel for work in the heights must have completed necessary safety courses.
  • When hoisting equipment to the triforium the area must be blocked off beforehand. Helmets must be used. The floor and loading area in the triforium must be adequately covered and protected. NB! Linear Heat Detection is used as a fire alarm system inside the Cathedral, with a line running from West to East. Disrupting the line will sound the fire alarm and costs for this and the potential unnecessary summoning of the fire brigade will be billed.
  • Should personnel, buildings or inventory get injured/damaged NDR must be notified immediately so that Incident Report forms may be filled out.


  • Filming plans should be delivered to NDR in advance and must include the following: the activity schedule of the day, the number of people involved, a list of production equipment, required moving/reorganising of interiors, potential use of props.
  • A representative from NDR must be present for all video recordings and extensive photography sessions.
  • Photography and video recording may result in great strains for buildings and interiors. Buildings and objects must not be used or handled in ways that could result in damages. It is therefore necessary to show and act with great caution in such contexts. NDR will demand complete replacement or compensation from the tenant in case of incurred damages. NDR reserves the right to immediately cease filming upon violations or breaches of regulations and any agreement/contract between parties.
  • NDR has strict regulations in regard to the use of drones on account of Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace being valued cultural monuments and the close proximity to the helicopter landing platform at St. Olav’s Hospital. Filming with drones is not permitted indoors. Permission for using drones must be obtained by NDR well in advance of filming.

Practical details:

  • Keys are not given out to tenants.
  • Parking and installation of cars and equipment is allowed only in designated areas, and to a limited extent.
  • Any required wardrobe and/or recreational space are at designated locations only.
  • Serving food and drink or eating packed meals/snacks is not permitted inside the Cathedral.