Bilingual Service: Holy Communion / Kveldsmesse

NidarosdomenSøndag 15.0918:00 - 19:15

Holy Communion is celebrated every Sunday at 11am and 6pm. The evening services alternate to be hosted in cooperation with The Anglican Church of Trondheim, the Student Congregation in Trondheim and Nidaros domkirke og Vår Frue menighet


  • Locum Reverend Jules Cava Bergquist
  • Student Priest Lena Rebekka Risnes
  • Student Priest Camilla Winsnes
  • Cathedral Organist Petra Bjørkhaug
  • Sankt Pauli kyrkokör (Göteborg)
  • Mikael Holmlund, conductor

After the service there will be Church Coffee in Kirkestuene, Waisenhuset