Welcome to the official webpage of the Northern European Cathedrals Conference 2022, which will take place in Trondheim in February 8 to 11 2022.

The website is being updated

Nidaros Cathedral is looking forward to hosting the next Northern European Cathedrals conference (NECC) and welcoming delegates from cathedrals throughout Northern Europe.

This is the official conference web page, where we will post details and invitations to the conference in due course.

NECC 2021 has been postponed

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference has been postponed. The conference will not be held in Februar 2021 as originally planned.

The decision to postpone the conference was taken by the NECC international committee, due to all the uncertainties arising out of the COVID-19 situation - with respect to travel restrictions, new and urgent challenges for many cathedrals, as well as economic uncertainties.

The conference will most likely be held in February 2022, but this date is subject to review, depending on the development of the pandemic.

We will post the actual dates here as soon as possible (and advisable). Invitations will also be sent by email to cathedrals and former delegates as soon as they are posted here.

Registering for the conference will be possible on this website after invitations have been sent out.

Theme: «Walking together - The cathedral as a pathway for pilgrims»

After the last conference, in Dublin in 2019, preparations for the Trondheim conference started, and the theme of the conference was set: «Walking together - the cathedral as a pathway for pilgrims». This theme will enable us to explore the specific situation of Nidaros cathedral as a pilgrimage site, as well as the wider challenge to cathedrals in meeting and walking with people seeking faith, meaning and new horizons today.

With the pandemic now unfolding, the programme may also reflect the issues facing cathedrals in this unique time.

The conference will include plenary lectures, seminar sessions, excursions, a taste of pilgrimage, gala dinner in the Archbishop’s palace, and as always - the chance to share one’s experience with and get to know colleagues from other cathedrals.


The local coordinating committee include the Dean, very Rev. Ragnhild Jepsen, Vicar and precentor, Rev. Andreas Hilmo Grandy-Teig and Cathedral manager Mr Jan Schrøder.

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