We regret to announce that the conference due to be held 8-11 February 2022 has had to be CANCELLED.

The committee of the Northern European Cathedrals Conference regret to have to cancel the conference due to have taken place in Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim Tuesday 8 - Friday 11 February 2022. New restrictions introduced to curb the new wave of the COVID pandemic, make it impossible to gather for a conference in Trondheim.

We are very sorry to have to make this decision. We were confident that the conference on Cathedrals as pathways for pilgrimage would have provided for an excellent chance to learn, share and develop our perspectives on the life and mission of our cathedrals. Sadly, though, the decision to cancel is now inevitable.

All who have registered for the conference have been contacted via email, and conference fees paid will be reimbursed within the beginning of January 2022.

With best wishes - in Christ
30 December 2021

Very rev Ragnhild Jepsen (dean of Nidaros Cathedral)
Rev Andreas Grandy-Teig (precentor of Nidaros Cathedral)
Rev Lars Åstrand (convenor of the committee, Uppsala)
Rev Canon Peter Doll (Norwich)
Very rev Dermot Dunne (Dublin)
Dermot Dulski (Braunschweig)
Rev Bert Kuipers (Rotterdam)

PLEASE NOTE: The information about this conference is still online, but the conference has been cancelled and will not take placed in February 2022. The committee of the conference will consult in February on where and when the next conference should take place.

The conference will take place in Trondheim Tuesday 8- Friday 11 February 2022, starting Tuesday late afternoon and ending around lunchtime Friday.

We are developing a varied programme of lectures, seminars, sharing groups, worship, music and experience.

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How much will it cost and how do we register? And what about COVID-19?

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«Cathedrals as a pathway to pilgrims» - the Nidaros tradition

The tradition of pilgrimage is alive and growing within European Christianity. The conference will explore the renewed interest in pilgrimage, which has again become so important at Nidaros Cathedral. What attracts modern pilgrims? How are they open for meaning, faith and new horizons? And how, in our experience, may cathedrals welcome pilgrims today?

Nidaros – Trondheim in the middle ages – was one of the most important shrines and centres of pilgrimage in Northern Europe. Over the last 30 years, pilgrims have arrived in Nidaros in ever larger numbers. They now arrive via a network of paths of pilgrimage and pilgrimage centres, and collaboration with national and local authorities, dioceses, parishes and volunteers is vital. But the shrine of St Olav was lost during the reformation, and the community at Nidaros cathedral is now continuously trying to recover, refocus and develop our practice and theology of pilgrimage. In the time of the pandemic, with entire nations walking through the wilderness, pilgrimage and welcome at cathedrals again needs to be rethought.

We hope that this conference will give both participants and hosts a unique opportunity to reflect on the nature of pilgrimage in late modern Europe and on how a pilgrim spirituality may be relevant to cathedral life.

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