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The fires

The construction of Nidaros Cathedral was finished at the beginning of the 14th century. However, in 1328 the cathedral was damaged in a fire, which was followed by two more fires in 1432 and 1531. The last fire was probably the most devastating one, because all the roofs in the cathedral collapsed. 

In the 1530’s the Archbishop used all his resources building the fortress at Steinvikholmen Island, and did not have the possibility to restore the church. After the reformation, the population of Trondheim only had the funds to pay for the restoration of the eastern part of the church. The nave was left roofless and eventually it fell apart. The surviving parts of the church was again damaged in fires in 1708 and 1719.

The cathedral today

In the 19th century the church was restored, but then as a Lutheran church. The room of the old cathedral was opened up, one could now see all the way to the high altar from the western entrance. In the Middle Ages when the cathedral was still a catholic church, it was divided into more or less separate rooms. 

Today it is still a Lutheran parish church for the congregation in Trondheim, and it has a comprehensive offer of religious services that are both used by the city’s population and other visitors to the cathedral.