Nidaros Domkirkes Sokn

Church services are held both in the main part and in the many chapels of the Nidaros Cathedral. Some services last less than fifteen minutes, others last for an hour or more. You are always welcome to church services at Nidaros Cathedral.

Every Tuesday there is a morning prayer service. There are midday prayer services from Monday through Friday, all of which are brief services. You can also participate in evening prayers (vespers). Every Saturday there is meditation with organ music. High mass and evening mass take place on Sundays. Everyone is welcome to church services in Nidaros Cathedral, whether you need a break from daily life, need a day of rest or to celebrate a holiday.

In summer pilgrims from all over the world come to Nidaros Cathedral. Pilgrimage services are held each afternoon throughout the summer. Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of the length of your pilgrimage journey.

Sunday in Nidaros Cathedral - Mass at 11 a.m

At the same time as we seek strength and inspiration for ourselves, we also carry the whole world with us in our prayers. One of the church's choirs leads the singing. Mass on Sunday is celebrated at one of the church's main altars. You can always receive communion during the Sunday mass.

18:00 Evening mass

At the evening Mass, the service is quieter, shorter and simpler, but you are invited to sing hymns to the tunes of the organ and to reflect on the words of the Bible.

On the first Sunday of the month, Mass for healing and consolation is celebrated. You can pray for someone, or seek peace and wholeness for yourself. You can be blessed, anointed or prayed for.

Every other Sunday, the student priests are responsible for the evening mass. After the service, they invite you to church coffee in the church rooms, Waisenhuset, Kongsgårdsgata 2.

Every third Sunday of the month, Evening Mass is celebrated as Anglican evening mass. This service follows the scheme for the Church of England, and everyone is welcome. The Anglican Church in Trondheim is responsible for these services.

On public holidays there is normally no Evening mass

Women's Memorial Chapel

Everyday life in Nidaros Cathedral

On weekdays, the church is open from the west front. Although during these opening hours you have to pay if you want to enter to see the building. It is free if you are going to a church service or want to pray.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday:

12.05 - Dinner prayer in Kvinnenes minnekapell

Every day you can enter the Cathedral for a quiet break from everyday life.

Entrance at the West Front. You do not need to pay an entrance ticket, but tell the person sitting at the door that you are going to the Midday prayer. The Midday prayer lasts 10 minutes.


8.30 - Morning song in the Chapter House

Every Tuesday there is a morning service in the Chapter House. We will hear the coming weekend's Bible texts, sing hymns and pray for the world.


12.05 - Mass in Johanneskapellet

Every Wednesday we invite you to a short mass, about 15 minutes. You will hear today's Bible text, we share bread and wine, pray for the world and for the congregations in our diocese.


18.00 - Vespers (evening song) in the Chapter House

Every Friday, all year round, we pray the traditional evening prayer Vespers in the Chapter House. This time prayer is sung to the traditional Gregorian melodies.


12.30 - Organ meditation

Every Saturday we invite you to a moment of reflection with organ music, one of Sunday's Bible texts, the Lord's Prayer and the blessing.

The Chapter House

Pilgrimage services

Every afternoon in the summer at 6 p.m we welcome you to a pilgrimage service (except Friday and Sunday, when there are Vespers and evening mass). Pilgrims who have traveled to Trondheim come here, but the city's people and visitors are equally welcome for a quiet half hour towards the end of the day. We are all on a journey through life and may need a source. In this service, we invite silence, hymns or organ playing, simple Bible reading, prayer and the opportunity to light a candle.

The pilgrimage service is mainly in the Chapter House. During the school holidays, some of the church services also include organ music.

Photo: Joakim Birkeland