Nidaros Domkirkes Restaureringsarbeider

The Stone Workshop’s main field of work is to produce copies to replace badly weathered or damaged stones at Nidaros Cathedral and other historic buildings/ monuments. Proper copies require a high level of accuracy in all aspects. A good starting point in securing the accuracy is the setting out. This includes full-size drawings of mouldings, elevation and sections, and the making of templets. When it comes to copies of ornamental or sculptural pieces, models and measuring equipment are also required.

With respect to present restoration principles, the original stones, as far as possible, will undergo repair instead of replacement. As conservation and repair become more common, we work to further development of suitable methods for this. New knowledge within our field of work is of importance, but the upkeep of existing skills and knowledge, and attempts at regaining lost parts of the craft’s tradition are even more valuable.

The stone workers are involved in the everlasting search for durable stone with good workability. In the future, we intend to take part in the quarrying ourselves as was done until 25 years ago. The quarrying gives a first-hand knowledge that is important in understanding the stone’s properties providing a basis for further utilization.

Being part of the national centre for the conservation and restoration of historically significant stone buildings, the craftspeople are committed to share their knowledge. At request, the Stone Workshop can provide practical and/ or theoretical courses, oral or written presentations and contributions in external restoration projects e.g. condition assessments and guidance.