The Church of Our Lady

The Church of Our Lady is a medieval stone church with a fascinating and rich history.

Vår Frue is a sanctuary church.

Vår Frue Church (Our Lady's Church) is a church with many uses. It has been open to everyone in the city and has a rich history. Vår Frue is a sanctuary church. Kirkens Bymisjon (the Church City Mission) was assigned the task of running Vår Frue Church by Nidaros Cathedral and Vår Frue parish council. Volunteer churchwardens make this possible.

Vår Frue is a place to light candles, meet other people, have a cup of coffee or tea and seek shelter – a unique and open place.

Everyday prayer

At 14.00 there is everyday prayer in The Church of our Lady.

Every Tuesday at 14.00 it is a short service with Bible reading, prayer, candle lighting, Holy Communion and blessing, framed by music.

The liturgy is normally only read in Norwegian, but depending on who is participating, the day's Bible text and/or other parts of the liturgy can be read in several languages.