Church services at Nidaros run daily, weekly, monthly and all year round.

Church services are held both in the main part and in the many chapels of the Nidaros Cathedral. Some services last less than fifteen minutes. Others last for an hour or more. You are always welcome to church services at Nidaros Cathedral.

Every Tuesday there is a morning prayer service. There are midday prayer services from Monday through Friday, all of which are brief services. You can also participate in evening prayers (vespers). Every Saturday there is meditation with organ music, high mass and evening mass take place on Sundays. Everyone is welcome to church services in Nidaros Cathedral, whether you need a break from daily life, need a day of rest or to celebrate a holiday.

In summer pilgrims from all over the world come to Nidaros Cathedral. Pilgrimage services are held each afternoon throughout the summer. Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of the length of your pilgrimage journey.