Attending the conference, you will experience Nidaros cathedral, as well as the mediaeval Archbishop’s palace, which will be our main site for lectures and seminars. We also collaborate with our neighbouring Roman Catholic St. Olav’s cathedral, and this will also be one of our venues. For an excursion, you will be invited to join us for a short part of the St Olav’s way to Trondheim.


Accommodation is readily available in Trondheim, which is also home of Norway’s largest university and a strong research community. As conference participants you book your own accommodation.

We are sorry to say that all beds of our quota of rooms at the conference hotels have been booked. There may still be one or two rooms at Nidaros Pilgrims' Hostel ("Pilegrimsgården"). We have reserved a limited number of rooms here (reduced conference price: single room NOK 756, double room NOK 1096 - incl breakfast). Please contact the Pilgrims' Hostel directly at, mentioning your participation in the conference in order to book these rooms at the reduced price.

However, there are many other hotels in Trondheim. The city of Trondheim has a fairly compact city centre, and the cathedral and other venues of the conference may be reached on foot from all hotels located within the city centre.

Trondheim - how to prepare for Norway in winter

Trondheim in winter can be a postcard: snow-white streets and spires and brilliant light. But it is also the dark time of year, and in February both temperatures and precipitation may vary. We encourage you to consider these points when preparing your journey here:

  • Temperatures may be either low or moderate. You may experience -10C or even -15C with crisp air, snow and ice. Or you may experience +5C, thawing snow and rain or sleet coming horizontally. It is important to check the weatherforecast ( when packing.
  • Clothing Depending on the weatherforecast, it is wise to bring appropriate boots and warm/dry enough clothes. Be aware that weather in the Trondheim region may change even within a relatively short space of time.
  • Money Norwegian society is highly digitalised, and many Norwegians now use digital forms of payment instead of cash. You may pay by card or mobile phone almost universally, including on the airport coach. You may withdraw cash upon arrival in the airport or in the city, but you may find that the cost of withdrawing cash is higher than the total charge if you make your payments by card. This will depend on the fees set by your bank or card issuer.

How to get to Trondheim

You may reach Trondheim by train from Oslo, or by air via Oslo, or from Copenhagen, London, Stockholm, Amsterdam.

Coming via the St Olav’s ways during winter would be arduous, but if you are of the adventurous kind or want to save the pilgrimage for your next visit, here is more information on the pilgrims’ paths to Trondheim: